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    The True Blue Band keeps an event moving. By spiking a warm reception with a splash of cool. By infusing fun and funk and star power into your wedding. By unstifling a stuffy gala with a blast of fresh music.

    The music makes the party. So choose the best music, the best band in Chicago.

    The True Blue Band featuring The Move will exceed everyone’s expectations. With a built-in DJ, the music – and the party – never stops. Consisting of world-class talent, this band sends out positive energy to your guests to create one-of-a-kind feel-good memories to last a lifetime.

    Realize your creative vision with something out of the ordinary.

    True Blue Band Media Kit

  • BILCO rocks the maximum energy out of a 7-piece band. BILCO plays the best dance music from the 80’s and 90’s through today, appealing to the entire audience.

    Covering Frank Sinatra, Motown, plenty of classics and current charted hits, the music will keep all your guests happy!

  • Options include:

    • DJ’s with percussion and/or drums

    • DJ/VJ projecting videos

    • DJ with vocalists & rappers

    • DJ with vocalists

    • DJ with vocalists & musicians

    • Stand-alone DJ