Live Music – is it worth it?

Everyone has a wedding vision: a grand entrance, romantic location, whimsical décor.  But ultimately what you will remember is the love shared with family and friends that makes the day resonate for a lifetime.   And of course . . . the dancing!

There is a special joy in live music, creating a far deeper experience than any DJ can offer.  A live band delivers a very human, tangible emotional experience while interacting with guests, which becomes an integral part of the event itself. 

(Quick sidebar: in a recent WeddingWire survey of wedding guests, 95 percent said the music played at the wedding reception will determine how much fun they have at a wedding.)

A frequent question I am asked is how many musicians are preferable in a band.  My first – and most emphatic – response is to choose the band whose musicians play together on a regular basis.  If they regularly feature 3 or more vocalists – it’s best to keep the band together.  For example, you wouldn’t want to hire Bruno Mars and just one or two of his band members just to save money – you would want the whole experience.  You wouldn’t want to sacrifice that cumulative energy that makes the music so engaging, and take a chance that the band may be less than satisfying for your special day.  

Here’s what Jesse Deckard, Design Creative Director and Senior Event Planner with Bliss Weddings & Events in Chicago had to say:  “A live band adds a different level of energy and excitement to an event. Guests entering the room and seeing live musicians performing no matter how many, produces a different reaction than just hearing tack that you could hear anywhere; shopping, at a restaurant, in a store or in your car. Establishing great energy from the moment your guests walk into the room is essential for a successful event! “


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